Wavetech Core Values

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Wavetech Core Values

“Who we are is more important that what we do.” This is our belief statement here at Wavetech Industries. If you’ve spent a little time browsing our website or if you have received marketing materials or had a deep discussion with anyone here, you’ve heard this line a time or two. We borrowed the concept from our good friend Bob Donnell, who encourages people that when they meet someone new, not to ask, “what do you do?” but to truly find out who they are.

Everyone has been at a job that they do something, but not everyone has gotten the chance to work for a company that compliments who they are. We have spent a lot of time creating our core values: service, excellence and integrity. They were not just given to us by the big cheese and then told that these are the values we must live by; our core values were created by our team and are revisited on a yearly basis to see if our values remain the same.
12 years here and it still surprises me (just a little) that the values are still the same. Different tests are administered, different exercises…sometimes in groups, other times we work individually, but when we come back together and throw our ideas onto the table we always come back to:

Service             Excellence               Integrity

These words matter to me. These words define “what I do”, but most importantly, these words define who I am.