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The word Tradition is defined as “a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.”

Here at Wavetech, we like traditions. I didn’t quite understand how much we all liked it until the holidays started coming around though…

Halloween is now just 12 days away, but on October 1st, I walked into dozens of opened boxes filled to the brim with Halloween decorations. It was time to fill the office with creepy life-size talking mummies, pirates, and butlers to greet our guests at the door. We hung bats from the ceiling and ghosts on the doors. We even had skeletons, gravestones, and spider webs to finish off the spooky vibe.

Traditions are part of the workplace culture. It’s what makes your organization unique and shows who you are.

We all love celebrating the holidays here and we love to show it. Getting the time to work as a team on a project that’s a little more fun, like decorating for Halloween, means a lot more than just hanging up some spider webs. It brings the team closer and allows for growth with each other and with ourselves.

When we took those few hours during the first week of October to decorate, we all realized we work really well as a team and I know that shows at the end of each day, when we each have a list of accomplishments towards the same goal.

I realized how much I enjoyed working as a team instead of by myself. I realized how important traditions were to me. More importantly, I realized that I come to work because I enjoy being around all the people I work with.