The Tipping Point – Part #2: Word-of-Mouth

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The Tipping Point – Part #2: Word-of-Mouth

“Word-of-mouth” is powerful, but also a slow process.

This way of marketing builds solid relationships and returning customers who will share you with others. It all starts with making a few initial connections. Over time you develop these relationships and get to know each of these clients personally. You eventually know their pets names and what their favorite food is. It starts to feel like a friend rather than a client, or maybe they were a friend before they were a client.

These friends help build your network by simply speaking on your behalf. They know what others needs are and they refer, introduce, or recommend you to them. The trust, credibility, and service has already been established and they feel comfortable telling their friends and clients about you.

This process over time becomes somewhat effortless. You have built your initial client base and they have helped you reach out to those who you didn’t have contact with before, and the most important part, most of your clients you can now consider friends.

Building relationships is very time consuming and you have to be patient to see results. This can be hard for people in this day and age because everyone wants everything instantaneously without having to do much more to attain it.

This “word-of-mouth” way of business is how we and always will do business at Wavetech. Relationships are very important to us and we believe it is important in any type of business.