Wavetech Industries is a place where our people have pride in their peers, their company and all of our individual and team accomplishments.

Scott De Long HeadshotSCOTT DE LONG

Mr. De Long got into the telecommunications industry first as a business consultant, then as a partner in a small company called Public Telephone in 1990. Public Telephone soon incorporated and rebranded creating Public Access Communications. The firm sold that in 1998 to a group owned by a former US Secretary of the Treasury. Soon thereafter Mr. De Long took his Customer Centric approach and created De Long Industries Group, Inc, using the trade name, Wavetech Industries.

Besides instituting this customer focused culture, Mr. De Long believes in continuous education for everybody, including himself. He has created a program called Wavetech University, in which employees can opt in and receive up to 6 hours a week of Business Education. This education combines Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations; however every class also includes a Customer Service element. Mr. De Long has gone back to school himself. Earning a Master’s degree in Leadership Development and is currently in process of earning a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies at Chapman University.

His goal and life mission is to help people realize their dreams, while creating a workplace, where employees cannot wait for Monday morning.

headshot of Shawna De Long Wavetech IndustriesSHAWNA DE LONG

As Vice President of Customer Relations, Shawna De Long has what we consider the most important position in the company, as we believe everybody who works at Wavetech has customer service as their primary responsibility. Shawna has worked for Wavetech Industries for over 11 years, starting her career here as an inside customer service representative. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton while building her career here.

Shawna’s strength lies in the fact that she puts the customers interests first. But what really sets her apart from others is her quest to make the world a better place. In that vein: she has taken over the responsibility of community involvement, heading up the team that works with the American Red Cross on our blood drives, creating fund raising activities and toy drives for kids at children’s hospitals and is currently in the process of training her dog for certification for therapy work at our local hospitals.