Work-Life Balance

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Work-Life Balance

40 hours a week. 2,087 hours per year. 104,350 hours in a lifetime. This is what an average full-time worker will spend working based off a person who works for 50 years of their life.

104,350 hours is a lot. Don’t let those hours build even higher because you feel the need to work. Technology also doesn’t help with this when it makes us all accessible around the clock.

Work-life balance is one of the most important tools to have. The compounding stress from the never-ending work can hurt not only your health, but also your relationships and overall happiness.

Here at Wavetech, Scott and Shawna both emphasize the importance of this balance. They even give us time at work for personal growth. They give us a new book every few weeks and give us time to read it during work hours. The last book we just finished is called “Crucial Conversations.” Overall it was about how to recognize and approach a crucial conversation with someone. The book focus’ on how you need to start with yourself, because that’s the only person you can change.

By reading this book I have made changes in myself and am trying to apply the concepts in my every day life to improve my communication skills. This opportunity for personal growth is  one of the main reasons I love working here. Scott and Shawna care about us personally, not just the work we produce.

We also all read the same book at the same time. Each morning we come together for our “Morning Huddle” to discuss what we read and how we can apply it to work and in our lives. It gives this activity a dual purpose, not just personal growth outside of work but inside as well.

If you’re interested in our book club and want to know more about the books we read, feel free to email us at!