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Wavetech New Year News

And just like that we are halfway through the first month of the New Year! The crew at Wavetech Industries spent a pretty significant amount of time in the last few weeks of 2017 taking a look at where we had been and where we want to be. We are very excited about our future holds.

If you read our Christmas letter you know that we have had a few BIG changes. One of the biggest ones for me is my move to Northern California. I started travelling up here 12 years ago to visit our clients and fell a little more in love with the area every time I came up. The opportunity arose for me to make the move and I did it! For a gal who has never lived more than 30 minutes away from my family the 9 hour drive away from them seemed pretty daunting, but exciting all at the same time. I’m here now, pretty settled into my new home and office and I am absolutely loving it! I have already had the opportunity to travel around and visit some of our clients and looking forward to seeing more of you! We hope that having a Northern California presence will help take our customer service to the next level!

You may have also read or have heard in a meeting with one of us that we are now referring agents for Telarus. This new relationship gives us the ability to provide telecom and technology solutions for our customers from a robust portfolio of all the major providers from across the country. Along with become new agents we have hired a new agent ourselves: Jeff Comb will start with us on the 15th of January and jump right into training. Our entire sales team is flying out to Utah for one on one training with the staff of Telarus. We are excited, ready to learn and eager to bring our new knowledge and offerings to our clients.

We are also looking to really dig in deep and make sure we are providing the best service to our clients. One of the ways we are promising to do this is by expanding our on site training program for our over the phone and video remote interpreting services. We want to make sure we visit every facilities site at least once for continued education on the service for their staff. We know how important it is for your facility to stay in compliance with the TJC and ADA standards and we are excited to dedicate this time to making sure your staff is aware of all of the benefits of our services. If you would like to schedule an onsite training feel free to give us a call and we’ll get you on the calendar.

I am so excited for all the future holds and so grateful that you have chosen us to be your vendor as we all strive to grow into the new year! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!